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07 June 2007


ok. this is a riot. i think orlando is more of a pimp name than gangsta. it sounds as if he runs the homebase in that manner, too. bad kitty, indeed.

fantastic photos and story, though :-) super, jojo!

oh , your killin' me willis - we just had the complete and total delight of viewing the chronicles of gangsta together. i think a book ought to be in the works. you'll have time to bang one out this summer won't you ??? gangsta is circling - occasionally he attempts to make me feel like i am not chopped liver - magoo is requesting a head scratch - he is literally resting his head on my laptop- life is beautiful. thank you for the beautiful tribute.

This is great. My cat Sam completely ignores the no counter rule, too.

Oh my gosh, this is so funny. I love the one where he's sitting on the counter like an appliance. Cats think everything in the world was put there just for them.

Wonderful Susan....I don't have a no counter rule as Timmy never gets up there...I think he is lazy. I managed to get a Polaroid of him today mid yawn! I might post it. Cats are the bosses and they will inherit the earth!

I love this series!!! That flash holga is the cat's meow, eh???

This is HILARIOUS! I had a cat named Albert from the time I was 6 until I was 24. He ruled the house. He was quite the old grouch before he died, but he was like a brother to me.

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