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10 June 2007


susan's house is clean don't let her tell you any different :-)

i'm almost in meltdown-mode...tomorrow is the day...

Our little Jojo is leaving us. Just going away. No regard for our feelings. It's just all about her. How selfish! I mean what about US??? Oh sorry... I bet you're so excited, no? It's going to be great fun. Can't wait to follow along on your blog.

its the final count down - gulp.

have you called france to let them know you are coming ??

Ah she'll be back before you know it....hell she might even forget where home is being away that long!

they're off!!!
Bon Voyage Madam et Monsier...

Have a fantastic trip Warten-hams! You realize we are all living vicariously thru you'se guys. Don't get boils on your butts from biking too long. Remember who you are. If you get tired, pull over. If you get hungry, eat something....

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