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09 January 2008


I love fountains. And birdbaths too...

becky likes globes, too.

i love all of those things and this photo! the two people on the left almost feel like statues.

it looks like the lady on the left is checking her son for nits!

i love the atmosphere in this shot - really captures the peace you find in these squares.

is a nit a gnat?

Yeah,what's a nit? Lice? Maybe she was hungry.

Wonderful scene, Jojo.

nicely done with balancing the people on each side of the fountain. lovely picture susan.

The symmetry is really nice Susan....very cool shot

It does look like she is checking for nits!

You've got one heck of a Holga there! Great vignetting and softness. The camera and black and white film really suit the subject matter.

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