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07 January 2008


Wow! This is amazing! Not only did you win the contest, you showed us all up to boot!

How incredibly creative... I can't stop smiling. Thanks Susan for sharing your hard-won swag and making this so much fun.

This is hilarious! What a hoot. Now you have your olive forks back and heres to many olive and pickle feasts. Cheers:)

Brilliant! Just brilliant! Although I didn't take a photo, I feel part of the exclusive club.

chatty cathy x 2! yikes!

i love that shot of jojo missing the fork out of the forks.

nice post, susanna! i'll bring your beloved prize over this evening :-)

This is sick...so wonderfully sick! Thanks for including me on this long strange forking trip Susan!!!

Hey, I thought we agreed months ago to get rid of the stupid olive forks. And now, they're back. And by the way, how come I have to find out about them on the Internet? What's going on? And if you keep the olive forks I get to restart my collection of ceramic corn cob holders. I can't believe you made me sell them on eBay.

I can almost taste the drama or is that the smell coming through. I'm sure that they were glad to see them back and frankly I was glad to see them go!

the best smelly pickle fork movie remake i've seen to date, and congrats on your winning of them

Well, this is my favourite, you deserving winner. I had no idea that you borrowed Terorkitten for your shot and may I say just how magnificent you've made him? Mr Terrorkitten wouldn't allow him to become involved in his forking shot so thanks for being so inclusive!

Kinda creepy. I think the two dolls are up to something no good. :-)

bloody brilliant.
love the project and all of the pics.
happy fork day!

unbelievable. You two have gone off the deep end....
I think the 2 chatty cathy's are Pinkie and Suey....
Long live the forks!!

oh god...when will i be rid of these forks? sheesh, they're haunting me right now.

oh, okay...i like what you did to celebrate them....

Excellent! It was a great idea for a project.

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