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29 February 2008


happy birthday!! it doesn't look like there's much booze there though...hardly rock 'n roll :-)


happy birthday, jojo!

you can have the rest of my wine as you know i won't finish it!

love ya!

...there's no alcohol cause we drank it all. The drummer puked in the corner, the bassist made out with a stranger, the lead singer got a tattoo and the girl in the middle found Jesus.

Happy Birthday Sue ... every four years I think about your birthday

Happy birthday Suey!!A big 12!!! Love you

Well lets get this party started! I'll have a margarita please. Tequila...yummy. Happy Birthday and have a great time:)

Many happy returns for yesterday Susan...they are over rated anyway so every 4 years must be the perfect balance

A 2/29 birthday is too cool. Happy Birthday to YOU!

Did you lose your seat taking the picture? Great POV.

Oh, sorry, happy belated birthday. Wow, you're so young. :)

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