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27 February 2008


oh yes, suitably edgy and urban...where have you hidden the dummer?

err, drummer! though perhaps with that noble breed dummer would be appropriate too :-)

rock on, susanna!

such a fantastic photo.

can i be the girl in the center?

oh, fab - this is the best - actually it was the cover of our "best of" album . not to mention someone out there wants to be me.

oh, fab - this is the best - actually this was the cover of our "best of" album .

okay , so I posted twice - I thought it was malfunctioning.

Until I read your text I thought you had been out photographing the ladies of the night who also happen to be in a band perhaps!
Has a great mood to it and yea album cover for sure.
Please note I have only pressed enter once!

can I guest on one of the tracks with my little red ukulele? Great image.

This is obviously a punk band. I can hear the filthy language already! Grrovy shot.

Oh, I want to join your rock band.... I sing terrible, play the guitar like a homeless person, and don't eat much...
Where do I audition?!?

I LOVE this photo! It's a wall hanger for sure.

Excellent. What year was this taken? :)

If you gals are looking for a drummer...I think I have a inner drummer in me.

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