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22 September 2008


either i'm spinning or the hosta is... whoa.

super shot either way, jo.

i think it was the squirrel family...

Beautiful soft green colors. Sorry to hear that things are such a mess. Love this image!

looks like the storm's spinning us around here too! very fancy, i have to say!

Is this a broccoli plant?

red and yellow and pink and green , purple and orange and blue , I can sing a rainbow ............ I am detecting a theme here - it's only taken me how long ? But I love hostas and this one is especially pretty - in spite of the reference to broccoli . i was a Captain Kangaroo fan - just to clarify .

its a tulip....
quite lovely. Is the tarp holding???

this is delightfully intriguing Susan...what is the leaf? Looks like new hosta growth...very nice

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